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  • Fun.

    You should not compare your French lessons to your deep-tissue massage. We act out movie scenes, find your favorite book and read it in French, listen to French rock, do in-home cooking classes (in French, of course)–and eventually you might even begin to enjoy your lessons. Email to sign up for lessons.
  • Fast.

    I get you talking from Lesson 1.  And not baby talk.  Not endless vocabulary about bathrooms and passports.  Actual talking.
  • Legit.

    It’s boring to read about how fancy I am. So I won’t bore you with all the details. Here’s what you need to know: I love teaching, and I have a passion for French. And that makes me better than any fancy, smarty-pants French tutor out there.
  • Tailored.

    Sometimes you need to know how to say “stock appreciation” and sometimes you need to say “add a tablespoon of butter.”  I tailor each student’s lessons to what exactly they want to get out of French.

Group Classes

  • Once a month, we take a group of French cinema lovers to BAM to watch a French classic. After, we head to a bar where our French film-buff, Laurent, heads an informal chat about what you just saw. For intermediate and advanced students. Please Email for more details.
  • We pick 3 scenes from French plays, and we direct, act, and produce them. Our final performance might not win any Tony’s, but you’ll have 200 new words in your vocabulary, 95% less anxiety about speaking French, and a new friend or two. No acting experience required. Email: for details.
  • Every month we offer an awesome French cooking or baking class. A guest chef/pastry chef from the ‘hood comes in and shows us how to bake anything from a home-made croissant to a tarte à tatin, and in the meantime we learn and practice our “Cooking French.” Délicieux!


  • Catherine W: “I have been studying French with Kevin for over 3 years and feel that finally FINALLY I can hold actual conversations with native speakers after years of struggling with the text-book French I learned in school.” via
  • Diane M: “Kevin is wonderful! I saw him for weekly French lessons before a big trip to France last summer and I could not have been happier. He had me comfortable speaking to my fiancé’s 90 year-old French grandmother by the end. I’d recommend him to anybody.” Via


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