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  • Fun.

    You should not compare your French lessons to your deep-tissue massage. We act out movie scenes, find your favorite book and read it in French, listen to French rock, do in-home cooking classes (in French, of course)–and eventually you might even begin to enjoy your lessons. Email to sign up for lessons.
  • Fast.

    I get you talking from Lesson 1.  And not baby talk.  Not endless vocabulary about bathrooms and passports.  Actual talking.
  • Legit.

    It’s boring to read about how fancy I am. So I won’t bore you with all the details. Here’s what you need to know: I love teaching, and I have a passion for French. And that makes me better than any fancy, smarty-pants French tutor out there.
  • Tailored.

    Sometimes you need to know how to say “stock appreciation” and sometimes you need to say “add a tablespoon of butter.”  I tailor each student’s lessons to what exactly they want to get out of French.

Group Classes

  • Join us in the ancient, picturesque region of Provence for our first annual immersion retreat. Come to our charming country home where we will learn French, drink wine, swim in the pool, eat amazing local food, and see the sights. For intermediate and advanced students. Please Email for more details.
  • We pick 3 scenes from French plays, and we direct, act, and produce them. Our final performance might not win any Tony’s, but you’ll have 200 new words in your vocabulary, 95% less anxiety about speaking French, and a new friend or two. No acting experience required. Email: for details.
  • Every month we offer an awesome French cooking or baking class. A guest chef/pastry chef from the ‘hood comes in and shows us how to bake anything from a home-made croissant to a tarte à tatin, and in the meantime we learn and practice our “Cooking French.” Délicieux!


  • Catherine W: “I have been studying French with Kevin for over 3 years and feel that finally FINALLY I can hold actual conversations with native speakers after years of struggling with the text-book French I learned in school.” Via
  • Diane M: “Kevin is wonderful! I saw him for weekly one-on-one French lessons before a big trip to France last summer and I could not have been happier. He had me comfortable speaking to my fiancee’s 90 year old French grandmother by the end. I’d recommend him to anybody.” Via


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